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Leading a sustainable lifestyle in the 21st Century


It’s no secret that terms such sustainable, natural and ethical (of which we take some blame for too) have become somewhat cliche. But, when 77% of households in Australia are expressing major concerns regarding environmental issues, we think it’s only ‘natural’ that we show what team we’re fighting for…excuse the pun. 


In all seriousness, sustainability and environmentally conscious practices are no longer trends that retailers can sidestep. Growing numbers of Australian’s are far more conscientious of their buying power, choosing to forgo popular brands for ones that are environmentally friendly, contain natural ingredients or carry social responsibility claims.


We came into Creed and Colour with grand ambitions: to rid the world (yes the world) of single-use plastics in our industry, harmful substances and the like. It is a long process, but one we are willing to stick it out for.  Our journey hasn’t been perfect, of which you’d be aware of had you followed Creed and Colour from the start. And we are also far from finished. So, we invite you to continue this journey regardless of where you’re jumping in and together maybe those ambitions can be realised… one piece of plastic at a time. 



A few of our favourite tips for leading a more natural and sustainable lifestyle


Reduce your food waste

Consciously planning your food shopping before you go can have significant effects on the amount of food waste you create in the household

Each year in the state of Victoria alone, households throw out up to 250,000 tonnes worth of food that could have been eaten – enough wasted food to fill Melbourne’s Eureka Tower. The average Victorian household wastes approximately $2,200 worth of food each year. In sum, this has the potential to generate up to 400,000 tonnes of polluting greenhouse gases per year.


The easiest ways to go about reducing this waste could be to plan out your meals at the start of the week. If you’re not already doing this, you’d be surprised at how much more efficiently you could shop! Not to mention how much you’d be saving. For Vic, in particular, the Love Food Hate Waste campaign offers tips, advice and recipes to help you avoid food waste in four easy steps.


Say no to straws and plastic bags wherever possible


Australians use around 10 million plastic bags every day, contributing to an estimated 8 million tonnes of plastic dumped into the ocean every year. Plastic straws are also to blame and are one of the most common items found on beach shores all over the world. All of this plastic fills our landfill, harms our wildlife, and can take lifetimes to break down. Fortunately, a number of businesses and industries have already made it easier for consumers to avoid plastic. From reusable straws, reusable grocery bags and much more. If you haven’t thought of buying any of these yet, we highly recommend checking out Biome, who offer a number of products that encourage eco-friendly and sustainable products.



Recycle and dispose of waste the right way


Putting the right waste in which bin may seem easy, but it gets a little more time consuming when you start getting to batteries, paint and broken TV’s. It might cost you a couple of hours here and there but researching your local and State protocols can go a long way in ensuring nothing goes to landfill unnecessarily. In Victoria, the Detox your Home program collects toxic household chemicals such as solvents, poisons and cleaning products. Thirty permanent drop-off sites accept batteries, fluorescent lights and paint.


Walk, bike and use public transport whenever possible.


Riding your bike or walking to a destination instead of driving helps the world and your heart!

No real explanation needed here. You get the benefit of feeling healthier, whilst reducing carbon emissions. 


Consider purchasing products from the ingredients down to the packaging


Bit of a shameless plug right here, but Creed and Colour pride itself on ethically sourced ingredients, which all come from Australian owned and operated businesses. Our most frequent sourcing comes from Australian Wholesale Organics.  Our packaging is almost completely plastic-free apart from our plastic sprays and pumps. However, we do offer a plastic-free option for those not wanting a pump with their gels, liquid conditioners and shampoo bottles. This has been the trickiest part of our business to make it wholly sustainable. But, we have jumped leaps and bounds on this part with our brand new refill program. This allows customers to reuse their pumps or spray with a new bottle being sent, but also allows customers to return their old Creed and Colour bottles. Find out more here.

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