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How to store your shampoo bar to make it last longer

One of the most common questions we get when it comes to shampoo bars is, “How long does it last?”. This question sounds simple, but the life of your shampoo bar is truly dependent on how often you wash your hair, how many people in your family are using it and how you store it. Ensuring you are storing it correctly, will mean you get the most out of your bar. Here are some ways you can help extend the life of your shampoo bar.

  1. Don’t store your bar in a puddle of water or with water touching the bar. Water will create a sogginess on your bar, wearing your shampoo bar down quicker.
  2. Store your shampoo bar on a well-draining soap dish. For example, a dish with plenty of holes so that ample air can reach your bar to dry it.
  3. Air dry your shampoo bar and then put it in a tin. This is a great alternative for travelling and keeps your bar dry and safe from being squished!
  4. Hang your shampoo bar in the shower or a tap in a shampoo net! Shampoo nets are usually made out of hemp or cotton, which absorb excess water from the soap bars to help dry the bar. They are also super handy because they can hang anywhere.

It’s super important to store your shampoo bar correctly so that you extend the life of the shampoo bar as far as it can go! Don’t forget about those little end bits of the shampoo bar. Shampoo saver bags are great for these!

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