Evie & Batsi

Combining our love of science and the environment to bring you epic hair days!

Co-founded by Evie and Batsirai, Creed and Colour is built on the dream of providing ethical, high-quality hair care solutions to people of all creeds, colours and cultures!


How poetic and original right?


But in all seriousness, we believe that the relationship between consumers and the cosmetic industry in particular, has been disjointed for some time. In most cases, pressure is put on the consumer to shop ethically or buy less. While this is important to do, it’s time for companies and businesses to take accountability and to start providing products that meet certain standards.

Creed and Colour is the cumulation of our experiences with our own hair troubles and the lack of hair education there is out there. We want to equip you with not only hair product that is ethically created and distributed but also equip you with education about why your hair is the way it is, no matter what hair type you are.


We’ve tried and personally approved all of our products. Not only do we use them, but so do our extended family and friends. If you are interested in learning more about your hair, we would love for you to follow us on Instagram where we post content regularly! We are always open to suggestions and ideas, so feel free to contact us and say hello.


Our Global Footprint

We source ethical, high-quality ingredients from farms that are consciously aware of their impact on the planet. Our products are packed in aluminium rather than plastic. We do this because aluminium can be recycled directly back onto itself over and over again!

Our products are carefully packed in 100% recyclable and compostable materials to ensure our impact is as minimal as possible.


We’re all about encouraging a circular economy where reduction, repurposing and reusing is adapted.

Where we’re based

We are based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. We think natural, ethical hair care for our community here in Australia is important. You may see us around at local markets or festivals, spraying some leave-in here or there!


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